Brix Energy Gel Maple and Blueberry (single)

Brix Energy Gel Maple and Blueberry (single)

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Whether you are an amateur or a professional runner, triathlete, cyclist, or enjoy hiking in the mountains or other sports activities, Brix is your energy source.

Whether on asphalt, on trails, in the pool or in the lake, Brix will delight you with his pouch adapted to the real needs of athletes.

Each pouch contains two doses of Brix!

In addition to making your life easier, it will give you the energy to perform well and recover.

Brix is easily absorbed by your body during activity

  • Brix can help increase your endurance during long sessions of activities
  • Brix allows your body to recover by reloading your glycogen stores.
  • Brix is also a source of potassium, an electrolyte that helps balance the pressure of fluids in the cells which helps maintain your performance. 

The benefits of maple syrup

  • Source of electrolytes : With the exertion demanded by endurance sports, we lose potassium through perspiration. Maple syrup is partly composed of potassium, calcium and magnesium, therefore it fits well into a sports enthusiast’s diet. All three minerals work to help muscle contraction and release. 
  • Source of antioxidants: A 60 mL portion of maple syrup contains at least 4 mg of polyphenols. These antioxidants help reduce muscle fatigue if consumed before and during training, and may even speed up recovery when consumed afterward. 

Maple syrup is a source of zinc, a mineral that also acts as an antioxidant. Some studies show that zinc improves muscle metabolism and strength development.

What’s more, 60 mL or 29 G of maple syrup provides 100% of the body’s manganese requirements, which ensures an optimal intake of micronutrients. 

A good assortment of micronutrients vital for obtaining good muscle recovery.

  • To our new flavours, Blueberry and Ginger, we’ve added 160 mg of sodium, enough to enable the mechanism of muscle contraction. This addition helps prevent muscle cramps and dehydration during long periods of physical activity in very hot weather.

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