ASICS Gel Nimbus Lite (Women’s)

ASICS Gel Nimbus Lite (Women’s)

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An extension to the Nimbus line, the ASICS Gel Nimbus Lite is lighter, softer, and bouncier than the traditional Nimbus. This was achieved through the use of a new Flytefoam midsole compound, a softer outsole rubber, and the removal of the plastic trusstic in the midfoot.

To further reduce their carbon footprint, ASICS equipped the Nimbus Lite with a recycled upper that's thin, breathable and lightweight while providing a nice lockdown in the midfoot. With its lightweight, eco-friendly design and amazing comfort, the Gel Nimbus Lite is another sign that ASICS's is back to giving the people what they want.

Weight: 8.6 oz (size 8)

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