Epitact Blister Prevention Patches

Epitact Blister Prevention Patches

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EPITHELIUMTACT 01 Blister Prevention Patches can be reused 4 to 5 times on average and have been specially designed to protect sensitive areas of the foot (heel, lateral side, etc.) to prevent blisters. They protect the skin, relieve pain, and allow the wearer to continue activity and still perform well.  The patches can be washed with soap and water 4 to 5 times on average without losing their adhesive properties. Do not rub and leave to dry naturally.


Patches are made of 1mm thick, self-adhesive silicone gel  in which the viscoelastic properties are close to the skin. Applied on sensitive areas of the foot before sporting activities, they will distribute the pressure and absorb the friction through dissipation of energy in the gel, thus preventing any risk of blister formation.


Patches immediately stop the pain once they are applied , making it possible to participate in sports and remain competitive.  Glue-less Blister Prevention Patches can be removed without pain, even on hairy areas.


  • 84 % silicone
  • 16 % polyamide/elastane fabric

Holding adhesives

  • 100% biocompatible

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