Epitact Bunion Brace

Epitact Bunion Brace

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Soft EPITHELIUMFLEX® 02 Bunion Brace help in straightening big toes and limiting pronation, which optimizes propulsion. The quality of supports is critical when preventing sports injuries and to improving performance. The splints also help relieve pain from bunions, whether they have just started or are already well defined.


Silicone External with counter-support brace aids in realigning the big toe, limiting pronation and optimising propulsion. During sports, the quality of support is essential to preventing injuries ans improving performance.


The silicone tendon absorbs the pressure and friction on the exostosis (bunion) and thus avoids the risk of overheating.


The metatarsal support bracelet limits the impact and bulging of the metatarsus.

  • 52 % silicone
  • 48 % polyamide/elastane fabric
  • Machine wash at 30°C or hand wash (without rubbing).
  • Leave to dry naturally. Do not iron.
  • Sold individually.  Can be worn on left or right foot.


Measure the outline of your foot to the rear of the hallux valgus (bunion).  If you have two sizes to choose from opt for the smaller size.

Small: 20cm< <21.5cm

Medium: 21.5cm< <23cm

Large: 23cm< <24.5cm

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