Epitact Physiostrap®

Epitact Physiostrap®

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There are a lot of pathologies around the knee in sport: chronic patellar tendinitis, external knee tendinitis, patello-femoral syndrome, ITBS (iliotibial band syndrome), kneecap subluxation, chondromalacia patellae (runner's knee), external or internal patellofemoral chondropathy, patellar chondropathy, etc. The list is long. A doctor or trainer will sometimes recommend a rest period after which you are able to resume activity, but the worry is always there. Proprioceptive EPITHELIUMFLEX® 01 Knee Pads help get you back to your sport trouble-free. You’re likely to forget that you are even wearing them.

The knee support acts on two complementary factors:

- SUPPORT ACTION: Wearing the PHYSIOstrap® FLEX® 01  helps relieve patella (kneecap) disorders (patella syndrome, patellar instability, patellar tendinitis, etc.). In the case of a knee injury resulting in sequelae (fragile ligaments, arthritis, etc.), it contributes to the stability of articulation when resuming sports activities.
- STABILISING ACTION: EPITHELIUMFLEX® combines a patented silicone support tendon with high performance REFLEX compression fabric to improve kneecap support and knee stability.

SPECIFICITY : The PHYSIOstrap® FLEX® 01 acts dynamically without impeding movement. Therefore, it can be used in prevention, because it preserves the muscle mass.

ERGONOMICS : This concentrated technology in less than 60g was specifically designed for sports (for both pain and prevention). It does not slip and does not cause any discomfort behind the knee (popliteal fossa).
Being ultra-lightweight and extra thin, it can be worn under all types of clothing.

PRESENTATION : The PHYSIOstrap® FLEX® 01 is sold by the unit.

CONTRAINDICATIONS: To ensure that blood circulation is not impeded, do not use if you have arteritis, severe varicose conditions, sequelae of phlebitis or oedema (lymphatic/venous) of the lower leg and/or the thigh. Do not use with compression stockings. Do not use on a skin lesion.

Epitact Epithelium Flex 01 Sizing Guide

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