New Balance FuelCell RC Elite v2 (Women's)

  • $199.99

The New Balance FuelCell RC Elite v2 is a highly cushioned, carbon fiber-plated racing shoe that's built for any runner seeking peak performance on race day. Whether you're leading the pack in an elite field or attempting to set a new PR, the RC Elite 2 offers a highly efficient racing experience. Redesigned with more underfoot cushioning and a more dramatic sweep to the carbon plate, the RC Elite v2 offers the comfort and protection to go 26.2 miles while also having the speed and responsiveness for shorter distances.

What You'll Love

  • Propulsive carbon plate to maximize running efficiency
  • Soft and responsive foam for optimal energy return
  • Soft and breathable mesh upper

While the first RC Elite catered mostly to elite runners due to its lower stack height and snug fit when compared to other super shoes on the market, the second version sees an update that makes it more approachable to any marathon racer. Both incredibly soft and springy, the RC Elite v2 comes equipped with a large amount of New Balance’s highest rebound FuelCell foam and is embedded with a swooping carbon fiber plate. This combination gives the shoe the efficient energy return and propulsion needed to compete at the highest levels without sacrificing comfort over long distances.

For a fit that maximizes performance and comfort when racing over long periods of time, the new upper consists of a very breathable knit material that keeps weight down while cradling the foot securely with soft padding around the heel collar. Those with wider feet will appreciate the extra room in the toe box. Finished off with a durable rubber outsole, the New Balance RC Elite v2 comes with all the tools necessary to maximize performance during long races. 

What's New

  • More FuelCell foam for a softer ride
  • A swooping carbon fiber plate for better propulsion
  • Roomier Toe-box
  • Updated rubber outsole with great traction and more durability

Weight: 6.5 oz (183 gr) size 7.5

 Stack Height: 39 mm (heel) 31 mm (fore foot)

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